Factoryville Christian School


Colossians 3:23

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord, and not unto men;

Factoryville Christian School Athletics

 Since the very start of our school, athletics have been offered to our students.  In our early years we offered basketball. As the school continued to grow and add grades in our high school, so too did our athletic offerings increase.  Volleyball and soccer were the first sports to be added for our students, followed by a Runner's Club. As interest in different areas increased we as a school attempted to offer those sports that our students wanted.

Beginning in 1993, FCS made the decision to join the Michigan Athletic Association of Christian Schools (MAACS). Since then we play a variety of other Christian schools in the area and participate in MAACS tournaments as well.

Our elementary sports offered are: Coed Basketball and Soccer. High school sports include: Girls basketball, Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, and Soccer. We believe that this will only grow in numbers as our school continues to experience growth.

It will continue to be our desire to have an athletic program that first of all is honoring to the Lord.  We believe that we can train our athletes that in every arena of life, including the competitive, glorifying the Lord is paramount.

      The athletic programs are currently coached and by Mr. Randall Moore(Elementary and High School Boys Sports), Mark and Jennie Williamson(Girls basketball), and Michelle Walkinhood(Girls Volleyball). In 2017, we also participated in the MAACS Golf Tournament. This group was led by Mr. Randall Moore.