Factoryville Christian School

Prayer Requests​

Summer is here! We ask for prayer for the students to have a safe and great summer.

-Pray that our government officals make wise decisions in regards to our great nation.

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"Teaming with you and your child for a great start and a successful finish"

Factoryville Christian School 

33650 Factoryville Rd Athens, MI 49011 

(269) 729-4203

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     Factoryville Christian School in Athens, MI provides private Christian curriculum that exceeds state standards as well as the following:
  • Curriculum based on Biblical Values
  • Accelerated K-4 and K-5 Programs
  • Phonetic Approach to Reading
  • Computer Lab
  • Disciplined Learning Environment
  • Development of Christian Character
  • Spirited Sports Program
  • Safe and Loving Atmosphere
  • Passport Learning - This award-winning reading program helps students gain an average of 2.5 grade levels in 25 hours of unique and specifically designed training.